Electrical System Modeling and Studies

electrical modeling and system studies

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that our study engineers are the best in the field. That’s because our highly trained, multidisciplinary team understands the multitudes of software options available, and they know how to navigate them skillfully.

Electrical modeling and subsequent studies require an intimate understanding of the key data and metrics that allow the software to run more effectively. Every year, NEI invests not only in state-of-the-art software, but we also invest in the necessary training in order for our team to thoroughly understand the intricacies and best practices of each. The result is unparalleled electrical system modeling and studies that deliver more meaningful, economic solutions to you.

Our electrical studies team are experts in studies ranging from generation interconnection, transmission planning, grid stability, protective relaying, distribution load growth/planning, arc flash, and anything in between. We continually invest in the right software tools and proper staff training to ensure a knowledgeable team who understands not only the software, but the larger ecosystem within which it is essential.