Retrofit Designs and As-Built Documentation

system planning and capital studies

Over time, even the best-designed and thoughtfully built facilities need an update due to improvements in technology or regular wear and tear. NEI has worked with organizations at home and around the world to bring facility expansions, modern technologies, SCADA, and automation & control to aging facilities. Retrofitting an existing facility is often much less costly than a new build, and it can yield incredible operational efficiencies and cost savings.

For every partner engagement, we seek to understand how any retrofit interacts with the operation as a whole, and seek to minimize construction’s impact on daily operations. Our field-tested team of engineers design custom-tailored solutions for each individual facility.

Many facilities require as-built documentation before any retrofit can begin. In many cases, this documentation has been lost or improperly documented after past refurbishments. We’ve worked with facilities (some older than 100 years) to perform detailed analyses of existing systems in order to provide our clients with reliable, updated documentation.