on-site commissioning

Bringing a site online is more complicated than flipping a switch. With so many moving parts, having a solution that is thoughtfully designed from end-to-end is critical.

Whether you’re working on a newly commissioned project or a refurbishment of an existing system—properly testing its integration with the facility as a whole is important to the health and longevity of your operations. Proper testing takes time, and we don’t consider a job “done” until your site is operating exactly the way you want it. That means our thoughtful, responsive, on-site engineers are with you every step of the way until testing is complete and you’re satisfied.

NEI’s team of engineers has been working with our clients since our founding in 1982 to test and commission a wide array of electrical power projects. Our expertise allows us to visualize how every aspect of a facility fits into the Big Picture, while still possessing incredibly specific knowledge of each area to ensure safety, compliance, and thorough integration with the rest of the system.