Data Center Electrical Reliability & Maintenance

Complex Problems. Elegant Solutions.

Fetching and serving up nonstop data at all hours of the day requires serious power. When your customers rely on you to provide them with quick data relays, it’s vital that your facility always has the power it needs. At NEI Electric Power Engineering, our data center clients rely on our expertise in substation design, utility interconnection, and MV distribution to ensure that their operations run seamlessly no matter how busy their servers are.

At NEI, we’ve worked with some of the largest data centers in the world. Every project has its unique challenges, and whether you’re trying to fit more bandwidth into a smaller space or trying to keep server racks cool, we’ve been trusted to solve some of the most complex challenges. Our multidisciplinary approach to every project means that you’re getting a field-tested team of professionals with the knowledge and background to solve whatever challenges you face.

Maintaining Operational Integrity

Bringing a new data center online is an incredible feeling and an amazing accomplishment. At NEI, we often view this pivotal moment as just one of many successful milestones in a comprehensive project plan. That’s because we believe an online and operating data center is only as strong as its electrical reliability and maintenance program.

Checklists, point people, and on-site SMEs are critical to the sustained success of any data center, and our team of multidisciplinary experts empowers our clients by educating, training, and supporting their people to run and maintain a top-tier facility. Our vast data center experience delivers unparalleled insight into data center operations. This experience, paired with our other data center service offerings, helps our clients reduce costs and increase efficiencies in their facilities.

Utility interconnection, substation design, and MV distribution (both overhead and underground) require a level of expertise and credibility that is built upon years of successful field work. NEI Electric Power Engineering’s reputation in data center services is one of the best in the industry, and we’re proud of our track record for our data center clients. When your data center faces complex challenges, NEI is the solution.