CoOps & REAs

Power for People.

CoOps and REAs have a unique interest in powering their communities. As operators and stakeholders, you are not only responsible for the power provided, but you’re also a recipient of the power. You know better than most the effects poor planning, design, and commissioning can have on your operations. Since the early 1980s, NEI has been the trusted partner for CoOps and REAs around the nation. Together, we ensure all electric power needs are fulfilled. When we partner with CoOps and REAs, we consult and work on conceptual design, commissioning, facility refurbishment, and power distribution. With a talented team of multidisciplinary experts, we strive to understand the myriad challenges CoOps and REAs face every day. Our vast experience ensures that you can continue to power your community safely and efficiently well into the future.

Community Energy

As an REA or CoOp, the stronger your utilities, the better your community will be. Your members are also your end-consumers, which means they have a vested interest in not only keeping the power on, but also making sure that their contributions are being put to use in the most responsible, scalable, and economical way possible. This level of stakeholder involvement means every action you take is scrutinized and picked apart. At NEI, we understand what makes REAs and CoOps unique, and we are equipped to provide you and your stakeholders with the expertise necessary to ensure that the power stays on in your community for years to come in a way that is efficient and cost-friendly.

Our multidisciplinary team spends a significant amount of time in the field with our clients. This first-hand knowledge of utilities, your constituents, challenges, and strengths is just one of the many things that separate NEI Electric Power Engineering from a crowded field. Whether you’re building a new facility, upgrading an existing one, or trying to figure out the most efficient way of getting power from Point A to Point B, the expert team at NEI is your answer.

NEI Electric Power Engineering has the field experience and history needed to advance the goals of every CoOp and REA we partner with. When it comes to ensuring the lifespan and reliability of your operations, trust the team at NEI to deliver you industry-leading designs and solutions for your next project.