Automation and Smart Grid

The Modern Grid.

The modern grid not only keeps power flowing to your users, but it also allows intelligent forecasting of your renewable resources. Data and insights like these allow your utility to function at a higher efficiency than in the past, because the amount of information you can collect and analyze is more abundant and readily available than was traditionally possible. These efficiencies also extend to much faster fault restoration with FLISR (fault location, isolation, system restoration). In the event your facility fails, these automations and technological improvements can quickly isolate the problem, minimizing downtime while also providing your team with valuable information on the source of failure in order to mitigate such risks in the future.

The Power of Smart Solutions

While much of today’s infrastructure is aging, incredible strides continue to be made in updating the grid. The old standards of one-way radial power flow are quickly falling away to make room for bi-directional power flow, among other innovations. NEI Electric Power Engineering is at the forefront of this grid modernization and automation movement, and we’ve worked with our clients to bring their operations into the modern age with state of the art automation controls and improved technologies to improve they way they operate.

New tools and technologies allow utilities to glean greater insights and increase efficiencies more than ever before. Understanding the ways in which these tools can interact with your utility takes expertise and experience. The multidisciplinary team at NEI takes the time to understand your unique operations and needs in order to deliver exceptional results.

The need for reliable power continues to grow at an exceptional rate. As the need for power increases, utilities of all sizes must meet the growing demand with smarter, more streamlined solutions. Work with NEI to ensure that your facilities are part of the smart grid future and have the most up-to-date automation tools available.

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