Reliable, Resilient Power.

Microgrids fit seamlessly into the existing power grid and also serve as reliable standalone power systems. This versatility, combined with NEI’s industry-leading SCADA and automation and control systems, make microgrids cost-effective, efficient solutions for a variety of NEI’s clients and their diverse needs. At NEI, our multidisciplinary team of experts has the breadth of field experience and practical knowledge needed to ensure that your next microgrid project integrates properly with the existing grid or outwards towards your community. Our work has taken us around the world and to some of the most complex electrical setups in hospitals and campuses in North America. We are always on-hand and available to ensure that your power is there when you need it most.

Micro Grid, Macro Solution

When grid power is unreliable or suddenly goes out, it’s important to have a source of power at the ready to keep the lights on. At NEI Electric Power Engineering, we’ve been working with organizations and communities at home and around the world to ensure their energy needs are met with intelligently designed and meticulously commissioned microgrids.

When you install a microgrid, you’re ensuring reliable operation of your electrical assets while tied to utility power and while islanded. These types of microgrid projects require planning and versatility to ensure loads and generation are balanced in a way that can meet the dynamic challenges being tied to either utility power or islanded offer. Perfect as a stop-gap during a loss of power event or as the main source of power in a rural community, NEI’s field-tested team works alongside our clients to identify their needs.

The rising demand for efficient, reliable power is fueling the need for more and more communities and businesses to invest in microgrids. Microgrids are economical solutions to pressing problems, and their ability to generate, distribute, and control power from a closer proximity than traditional grids also means a more environmentally friendly power resource. NEI understands the complexities that often come with interoperable power systems and has the team with the necessary skills to get your microgrid online.

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