Global Grid Solutions.

Growing international demand for reliable power has never been higher. In many cases, the current power supply is dated, comprised of a patchwork of unreliable networks, is nonexistent, or a combination of these. Our work has taken us around the world, partnering with international governments and their citizens to evaluate, design, and build their grid in order to provide power for the future. Every country faces its own unique challenges, which is why our field-tested team of civil and electrical engineers work side-by-side with your team to provide the best solution for the challenges you face.

Powering The International Community

The world’s grid is evolving rapidly. As the world’s population and quality of life continue to advance, so too are the power needs of the international community. Ensuring that people across the world have access to the power they require—and that the plants providing that power are operating efficiently and safely—will be the key to international prosperity.

At NEI, we have decades of experience consulting, designing, commissioning, and retrofitting power facilities across the world. Whether it’s bringing power to formerly remote villages or updating decades-old facilities, our experienced team of field engineers has the knowledge and insight necessary to power the world’s grid.

At NEI Electric Power Engineering, we pride ourselves on helping our clients bring power to their communities at home and around the world. Each project brings its own unique challenges and requirements, and for every project our clients engage NEI for, we bring decades of real-world experience. The result is an ever-increasingly connected world, where people have the power they need, when they need it.