Investor-Owned Utilities

Investor Owned. Industry Experts.

When you work with NEI, you’re partnering with field-tested engineers who not only understand the unique challenges utilities face, but they’re also keenly aware of the challenges IOUs face. This combination of intimate field experience and the larger implications of your work result in a motivated team who understands what is at stake and has the knowledge to solve complex problems.

Cost-Effective Energy Solutions

As an investor-owned utility, you face unique challenges. Not only are you expected to keep the power on as demand constantly grows, but you’re also expected to do so as economically as possible. With increased scrutiny from end consumers and stakeholders, your margin for error is virtually nonexistent. At NEI Electric Power Engineering, we’ve partnered with IOUs around the country for years in order to help them successfully navigate the ever-evolving utility landscape.

When you partner with NEI Electric Power Engineering for your Investor-Owned Utility, we become an extension of your team. We understand the balance between short-term returns and long-term investments in your IOU. Together, we come up with comprehensive designs and solutions for the challenges you and your investors face.