Hydro. Powered.

NEI brings decades of experience to the hydroelectric community. When your communities rely on you for their power, it’s imperative to build or upgrade a system that can withstand the demands placed upon it for years to come. Designing, commissioning, and retrofitting hydroelectric projects requires a deep understanding not only of electrical power infrastructure, but also pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical subsystems.

Additionally, we work with you to implement SCADA and distributed control system (DCS) solutions from the outset, so when it is time to flip the switch, your comprehensive solution is ready.

Field-Tested Hydro Experts

The power demands of hydro facilities are constantly changing, and many of today’s hydroelectric facilities are quickly aging. Upgrading and commissioning older hydroelectric plants requires a clear understanding of older infrastructure and practices, as well as a creative eye for retrofitting and power distribution. NEI has worked with hydroelectric partners across the world modernizing their facilities and bringing safe, reliable power to new, state-of-the-art hydroelectric plants.

Thousands of communities rely on their local hydroelectric plants for clean, reliable power. Demand for cleaner energy sources—and an increase in the pressures placed upon existing facilities—is at an all-time high, with little chance of slowing down. Since the early 1980’s, NEI Electric Power Engineering has been supporting the hydro community with everything from design, planning, commissioning, and retrofitting hydro facilities. Our field-tested engineers and project managers are ready to partner with you on your next hydro project.

NEI and our multidisciplinary team works with our clients to provide:

Efficiently designing, commissioning, and sustaining your hydroelectric facility is a challenge that the experts at NEI are uniquely suited to address. Working on-site with your team, our engineers ensure that your facility receives necessary power while minimizing downtime and maximizing savings. The demand for clean, renewable power continues to grow, and NEI is the team that will power your facility into the future.