Success in Solar.

NEI takes a holistic approach to solar projects, and this methodology has served our clients well throughout our history. By beginning with the end in mind—construction, operations, and maintenance—we ensure solutions that are thoughtfully designed and intelligently executed.

Simplifying Solar

Solar providers are often asked to do more with less. Facing tight budgets and strict oversight, NEI understands that the solar power environment is constantly in flux. When we work with our clients for their solar design and electric power distribution needs, we bring years of experience and insight to every project. From interconnection and relaying design to substation design and commissioning, the field-tested team of NEI has the experience and dedication you need to ensure a successful solar project.

As the solar industry continues to grow so does competition. With more and more providers entering the market, ensuring projects are completed on time, on budget, and in a way that is safe and maintainable, is paramount. Our decades of work in solar power generation and distribution gives us a unique perspective in the planning and commissioning of solar projects. All of our engineers and project managers are experienced in the field and are dedicated to the success of your project.

NEI Electric Power Engineering supports our clients through the following services:

Designing, commissioning, and maintaining solar projects require depth of experience, foresight, and dedication to safety and reliability. When you team up with NEI for your electrical power needs, you partner with professionals who understand the unique needs and requirements of the solar industry. As solar continues to grow, trust the team who has powered the industry since the beginning.