Automation’s Rise in Heavy Industrial & Utility Industries

PowerLunch guest speaker Sean Smiley graduated from University of Colorado with a B.S. and an M.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering degrees, with honors. After graduation, he immediately started as an Associate Professor and Associate Dean – Student Affairs at the College of Engineering, University of Colorado Denver where he taught for four years before being introduced to the world of industrial automation by one of his former college students.

From there Sean worked in sales for Emerson, Yokogawa, and Rockwell Automation where he ended his time at Rockwell as Global Oil and Gas Director. Always interested in the Operations side of automation, Sean took over the Denver location for Cimation as Operations Manager where he ran the office for several years before it was acquired by Accenture. Golden handcuffs attached, Sean remained at Accenture for three years before being offered the role of V.P. Sales and Marketing at Eagle Automation, where he is currently employed as the Chief Revenue Office (COO & CMO roles combined).

Husband and Father of four, there is literally no time for golf, but he desperately wished there was.