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Episode 001 – Adapting to Remote Strategy for Engineering Consulting in the Time of COVID-19

Adapting to remote strategy during the time of Covid-19 is crucial for the success of engineering consultants. Engineering experts Giancarlo "GC" Leone and Clifton Oertli joined us for an engaging conversation on Wednesday, July 15, 2020. Giancarlo is the CEO and Chief Engineer of SR3 Engineering, an electric power consulting firm specializing in grounding and AC interference analyses, and the only firm in the United States (of only four worldwide) to obtain expert-level certification with SES CDEGS software.

Giancarlo is actively involved in IEEE standards development, primarily IEEE 80, IEEE 81, IEEE 2778, and IEEE 2746, among others. He is also the secretary of the IEEE Denver PES/IAS chapter and vice-chair of the CDEGS Users’ Group. Giancarlo holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Power Emphasis), and Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management, all from the Colorado School of Mines.

In this episode, Giancarlo and Clifton discuss topics ranging from local IEEE chapters and opportunities, IEEE standards, grounding standards and challenges, the future of energy resources, and more! Specifically, their conversation focuses on adapting to remote strategy and how they have adjusted their organizations to be successful during this time.

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You can contact guest speaker Giancarlo Leone of SR3 Engineering at:
Phone: (720) 507-7732

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