Root Cause Analysis

forensic investigation root cause analysis
forensic investigation root cause analysis

Despite the best efforts of owners and operators, power generation, transmission, and distribution networks occasionally cause injury, property damage, or equipment failure. When these unfortunate and rare events occur, investigating the root cause and working to mitigate risk in the future is essential.

Such events can be life-altering for those affected and have significant cost impacts for the owner. At NEI, we understand this and will work quickly and efficiently toward a resolution.

NEI’s senior engineers have been performing forensic, investigative, and root-cause failure analysis (RCFA) services since our founding in 1982. We are also trusted as expert witnesses and have been deposed several times to lend our expertise to investigations. For every investigation, our goal is the same: find the root cause of the event and determine methods for preventing such an event from reoccurring in the future.

We understand that these unplanned events come as a surprise to everyone involved, which is why NEI engineers are available at a moment’s notice to begin an investigation.