Data Centers

A decade ago, Data Centers operated on the scale of hundreds of kW to a few MW. As cloud computing, the internet of things (IOT), and data storage propagate worldwide, Data Centers now find themselves operating facilities in the hundreds of MW, and possibly even GW. This is larger than most utility generating stations! Data Centers constitute not only some of the largest loads on an electrical grid, but their requirement for Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) and reliability are among the most stringent of any power consumer.

NEI’s expertise is invaluable to Data Centers operating High Voltage or Medium Voltage substations, power distribution, and equipment. This equipment is the lifeline to Data Center operations, reliability, and revenue. Our team will help your engineering and operations personnel design, maintain, and operate your facility in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. Focus is placed not only on the projects and infrastructure of today, but also looks toward future expansions and how they may affect safety, reliability, and efficiency.

NEI has provided operations training, auditing, detailed design, commissioning, and construction supervision services for some of the largest Data Centers across the globe. For more information on how NEI can help you achieve your next project, click on one of the consulting services below.  If you would rather talk with a human right away, we look forward to your call at 303-431-7895.