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Wind Engineering & Design

Analysis of the Best Solutions For Collection Systems

The MV collection system, which routes power from wind turbines or inverters to the grid is often one of the costliest and most critical aspects of any renewable project. Limitations ranging from landowner participation, highways, railways, pipelines, and soil thermal resistivity all pose challenges when designing collection systems.

NEI’s team of collection system design engineers can work alongside your team to evaluate and recommend design alternatives that not only optimize up-front costs but also minimize long-term O&M costs. We work with our clients to address any physical routing limitations including landowner, environmental, and cultural constraints, and produce an efficient and cost-effective design. We also focus on the smaller electrical details to ensure constructability in the field and successful interconnection of the wind turbine and inverters. NEI has experience with the most widely used wind turbine and inverter OEMs and can help identify construction challenges upfront for fewer design changes, easier installation, and a minimized budget.

Cost management

Wind Electrical

  • Junction boxes
  • Pad-mounted transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Wind turbine pedestal conduit layout
  • MET tower, ADLS tower
  • Cable trench
  • Cable splices
  • Borings
  • Thermal and electrical soil resistivity testing specifications

Collection System Studies

  • Wind turbine and solar PV site grounding (using CDEGS software)
  • Cable sizing including ampacity and short circuit considerations
  • Reactive power flow
  • Harmonics
  • Arc flash
  • Transient overvoltage

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