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Power Plant Control (PPC) SCADA

Optimized Power Plant Controls for Solar and BESS

Power Plant Controls represent a critical component of every new solar plant and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). At NEI, we’ve taken a comprehensive approach, developing, testing, and commissioning our own controllers across multiple platforms and hardware types. This ensures that our PPC solutions not only meet the specific needs of plant owners but also align with local ISO/TSO (Independent System Operator/Transmission System Operator) requirements.

Our focused and multidisciplinary approach to PPC solutions has equipped us with an in-depth understanding of the most effective methods for designing and developing PPC systems. Our extensive project portfolio means that we can seamlessly adapt to any Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) manufacturer, ensuring that your PPC system complies with all the technical specifications essential for your project’s success.

NEI will create a custom solution to fit your needs utilizing readily available controllers. NEI has deployed PPCs with either Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation or SEL RTACs with more controllers in development. NEI is committed to developing a solution to fit your needs in both short and long term. NEI will perform a comprehensive FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) that conforms to MOD25/26/27.

The NEI MPPC was designed to be modular to allow clients to pick and choose the exact control
functionality that suits their needs. The current module offering includes:

  • Quad-Zone Primary Frequency Response
  • Voltage Droop
  • QV Algorithm
  • VRS Algorithm
  • Zero Export
  • Static Compensation
  • Simulation Mode
  • Dynamic Power Factor
  • HVRT/LVRT Response

PPC Modeling

The NEI PPC is based on the WECC (Western Electricity Coordination Council) REPC_A Plant Controller. NEI can provide the necessary PPC modeling based on site specifications using PSSE or similar modeling software. 

PPC Selection (Future)

Our customized HMIs provide intuitive interfaces for efficient plant operation and monitoring, making it easier for your operators. NEI is agnostic to software platforms, but we have extensive experience programming with Inductive Automation Ignition SCADA and AVEVA Wonderware System Platform.