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Electrical Field Services

Providing Reliable Support to Keep the Lights On

Fully Integrated Engineering-to- Energization Product and Project Management

Initiating an engineering project is a multi-step process that flows from procurement to construction, commissioning, and ultimately energization.

NEI’s multidisciplinary experts have the knowledge and experience to offer you long-term solutions and support throughout the entire life of your engineering project. Our experience both in the field and with detailed design makes our team incredibly effective on-site. Our intimate understanding of why things are designed the way they are—and recognizing poor design—means less back and forth and more time devoted to quickly solving your challenges.

Partnering with NEI for your Field Engineering and Site Management eliminates miscommunication and site misunderstandings that often result when a third-party testing company leads commissioning. Through comprehensive experience, our engineers deliver constructible and useable solutions to exceed your project objectives.

NEI offers unparalleled testing and commissioning services, such as protective relay testing, equipment testing, and substation commissioning, that promote the long-term, efficient operation of electrical power equipment. No matter the power system size or age, proper equipment maintenance is essential to maximize power system reliability.





When the lights go out, successful and effective project requires problem-solving and mitigating power interruptions as soon as possible.   From relays to system designs, NEI has extensive field experience and broad knowledge to troubleshoot and bring power back online.   Our team’s ability to mobilize quickly and support over the phone in determining the failure culprit and next steps make NEI a true partner and extension of your team.

When experiencing repeated interruptions, NEI performs a thorough review and root cause failure analysis (RCA or RCFA) to get the best perspective on the issues. We come to your facility, gather data, perform analysis using 5 Whys or Fishbone techniques, and provide a summary report with specific action items. We will diagnose costly issues to bring stable and reliable power back online.     


Proper commissioning significantly mitigates errors when installing new equipment and is often complex to achieve. All commissioning tasks require a thorough plan accounting for reliability, safety, and standards.  NEI’s services provide clients with the assurance that the designs comply with requirements and establish a baseline for future reference. The skilled team of experts at NEI understands established standards and proven processes, ensuring successful utility substation commissioning. We go beyond simply “checking the box,” striving to deliver solutions that meet the design intent. NEI’s commissioning engineers also do design work and can verify the design accuracy and thus providing a holistic solution. Our commissioning services include:

Relay testing

Protective relays have dramatically increased in complexity and must be tested not only upon installation, but also at regular maintenance intervals. In addition to commissioning (functional testing), we perform relay bench tests. Rather than simply connecting the relay to an automated test set, NEI reviews protection philosophies and develops a test plan to ensure accurate performance. In some cases, designs are insufficient, or settings aren’t developed at all—our team is well trained to review and even develop settings while testing relays. Common relay testing services include:

  • Bench testing microprocessor, electromechanical, and solid-state relays
  • End To End Testing
  • Fault Simulations
  • Protection System Evaluation
  • IEC 61850 Compliant Testing
  • NERC Compliance Testing

Additional Services

  • Circuit Breaker & Switch Testing
  • Transformer Testing
  • Equipment Testing

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