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Collaborative. Multi-Disciplinary. Experts.

At NEI we are about Serving People and Solving Problems.

Our team of experts is integrated across multiple engineering scopes, including electrical, civil, and structural, and through all the phases of a project lifecycle, from concept through implementation. We have a deep bench of talent with a flexible, problem-solving mindset and the ability to innovate and adapt to meet client standards. While we take pride in our expertise, we also value being open-minded and adaptive. People are as important as problem-solving.

Values Driving Culture

Serving Others

As a people-first organization, NEI is fiercely committed to the humble service of our customers and team members through the formation of long-term relationships, built on honesty, integrity, responsiveness, and respect

Improving Continually

At the core of NEI are knowledgeable and driven people who are committed to continual development and improvement. In a rapidly changing market, rest assured NEI has a proven record of strong industry involvement as well as embracing and applying new technology.

Enriching Environment

We love what we do! NEI provides a challenging, dynamic, engaging, and enriching work environment. From the types of projects we engineer to the clients we work with, NEI fosters an environment where the challenge is accepted, feedback is solicited, and recognition is given.

Quality Results

NEI is dedicated to quality results in all that we do, from the people we hire to the services we provide. Our goal is to “get it right the first time,” and for every first-time client to become a long-term partner.

NEI was founded


After many years working at Public Service Company of Colorado (now Xcel Energy), John Nelson left to fulfill a lifelong dream of building a team-member and client-focused electrical design firm offering services to utilities and industrial clients. He originally incorporated under the name ‘Phased Right, Inc.’, but later began doing business as the Nelson Electric Incorporated or the NEI Electric Power Engineering, Inc. of today.

Microprocessor Relays

Early 1990’s

Although designed in the 1980’s, microprocessor relays were not widely adopted until the early 1990’s. A decade into business, NEI’s growing staff of protection engineers were now spending around half their time in the field testing, troubleshooting, and repairing relay installations. Several customers also requested NEI replace their electromechanical relays with microprocessor-based ones. NEI’s engineers were at the forefront of designing, programming, installing, and commissioning this new piece of technology.

Civil and Structural Team


Prior to 2001, NEI worked with subcontracted civil engineers to design the grading, steel structures, and concrete foundations for substations and overhead lines. NEI’s continued growth and desire to provide clients with a turn-key engineering solution led to the creation of the first in-house civil and structural engineering team. Over two decades later, the civil and structural team and capabilities have grown exponentially.

First 3D Project


While NEI’s engineers had begun experimenting with 3D design tools, 2011 marked the first large-scale project NEI designed in 3D. This emerging piece of technology better aligned the designs of various design firms and allowed the client to walk through their future facility prior to a single shovel of dirt being moved. Since this milestone, NEI continues to support innovative design tools and methodologies including 3D and BIM.

SCADA & Automation Team


In 2014, after offering RTU and SCADA engineering to clients for over a decade, NEI committed and developed a dedicated team for this burgeoning services vertical. The SCADA team immediately assumed the existing substation RTU work and also expanded into industrial automation, power plant controls, networking, and cybersecurity. With the interconnectedness of facilities and devices, NEI’s SCADA team is involved in nearly every project from design to on-site integration, giving our clients full visibility and control over their facilities.

Distributed Workforce


Even before the global pandemic, NEI saw a shifting trend in the workforce, and team members were asking for more flexibility in where and when they worked. As a result, NEI invested heavily in necessary technology and quality control processes to make the change to hybrid and distributed teams possible. While originally expecting the shift to distributed work to take years, the pandemic forced this change and NEI was ready and hasn’t looked back. Today, around half our staff reports to the Lakewood headquarters, and half does not, giving every team member the option to define the work location that best suits them.

Creating History


Reflecting on NEI’s history is a valuable lesson in what is possible when you take care of your clients and your team. With the past in mind, NEI is looking to what the future holds…and the future is bright! As we rebuild aging infrastructure and reimagine the global energy portfolio, there has never been a better time to be in the electrical industry. Come check out NEI’s careers page if you want to be part of the history we’re creating today.

Our Team

Relentless Collaboration

We have a deep bench of talent with a flexible, problem-solving mindset and the ability to innovate and adapt to meet client standards. Our approach to power engineering is comprehensive and holistic, not only in terms of sheer expertise but in terms of the respectful, responsive, relationship-focused manner in which we interact with our clients and understand their needs for practical solutions.

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