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Industrial Applications

Budget Conscious Meets High Quality Solutions

The market is changing, and the new technologies in the industrial power world are added constantly.

Technologies and designs that were previously considered inventive and futuristic are now mainstream. Whether it’s battery storage, electrical charging stations, microgrids, or ground-mounted PV solutions, NEI has the breadth of expertise to work with clients on their specific needs. Ensuring that the right infrastructure is in place to power the evolving landscape requires specific knowledge of not only the industry but design solutions that support it. NEI can deliver solutions based on specific project requirements and ensure that we do so safely by utilizing the newest technologies and following the latest industry standards.

Forward looking



Data Center Power Distribution

Data centers power the growing technology world and reliable power is critical to their operations. With the proliferation of cloud computing and massive data storage across the world, there has never been a greater need for exponentially scalable power distribution solutions. With NEI’s expertise, we work with our data center clients to achieve resilient, innovative, and safe designs meeting all efficiency and reliability metrics.

Offering solutions for sustainable and scalable power, NEI’s broad-scope experience designing everything from substations to stand-by power options delivers resilient, sustainable solutions to store and protect the most valuable assets. We understand that speed to market is critical and new innovations for efficiencies are always being developed. The NEI team of power generation and supply experts work with clients and utilities to provide economical and reliable solutions to ensure that operations run seamlessly no matter how busy the servers are. NEI combines innovation with reliability so that while everyone else is using diesel generators, NEI’s team of experts is capable of designing a BESS solution. NEI’s expertise includes:

  • High Voltage & Medium Voltage Substation Design
  • Utility Interconnection
  • Power System Design for Medium Voltage Distribution
  • Standby Power (Diesel and Battery Storage)
  • Maintenance and Monitoring Design


Ensuring that facilities always have a reliable source of electric power is mission-critical. Unplanned outages, project delays, or poorly designed systems can wreak havoc on your operations. Team safety and the bottom line are too important to entrust to just anyone.

Clients rely on NEI to provide them with innovative, intelligent designs; timely, expert deliverables; and elegant solutions to complex system requirements. Solutions that support heavy industrial clients include:

  • Medium voltage & low voltage design
  • Instrumentation and controls
  • Back up generation
  • Stand by Power (diesel and battery storage)
  • Arc Flash and power system analysis

Industry Expertise

Every client and industry has a unique set of standards, requirements, and challenges. What makes sense for one client, doesn’t always apply to another. That’s why it is important that designs and solutions cater to each project’s specific needs. NEI’s expansive knowledge of a wide variety of industries means that we have the experience to come up with the best solutions for clients. NEI’s team of multidisciplinary experts has successfully completed countless projects, including conceptual and complete design, retrofit work, preventative maintenance programs, on-site backup generation, and high-voltage utility interconnection substation projects.

Like anything that is built to last, facilities and electrical sites require regular upkeep and maintenance. At such a large scale, it can be daunting trying to figure out where electrical reliability and maintenance plans begin. To get the most out of a facility—and doing so while maintaining a safe working environment—the experts at NEI get the job done.

  • Electrical system protection and control
  • Equipment replacement and retrofits
  • Instrumentation and controls
  • System studies

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