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Renewable Development

NEI has a dedicated renewable development team specializing in PV and BESS design stages from bid support to 0-30%

The development team works closely with owners and developers to understand and analyze projects from a wider lens during the early stages. This allows the team to be adaptive to changing constraints and equipment in the early project stage. 

Projects require solutions when not all information is known; the development team provides those solutions. Our major services for development include:

PV Electrical

  • String Sizing 
  • Array and Equipment layout
  • AC/MV Collection
  • Preliminary DC Collection
  • Energy Modeling 
  • Preliminary System Studies

BESS Electrical

  • Equipment layout
  • AC/MV Collection
  • Aux Design
  • Preliminary System Studies


  • Land feasibility analysis
  • Preliminary Stormwater and Grading Design
  • Permitting Support and AHJ requirements


  • Preliminary pile design
  • Preliminary equipment foundations

Electrical Studies

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