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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Fully Integrated Battery Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Storage solutions for continuous energy

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving power grid, and with the continued growth of renewable energy, grid reliability has become and will continue to be, paramount.  Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) enable power producers the capability to store and release energy, provide consistent output from a renewable facility, enhance grid frequency stability, and much more. Whether coupled with a renewable energy project or as a standalone installation, the NEI team of qualified engineering professionals can provide an integrated and comprehensive solution.



Effective Management and Operation

Industrial BESS

  • NEI can support behind the meter applications of BESS including spinning reserve replacement, peak demand reduction or frequency regulation. This includes FEED studies to construction drawings to interfacing with existing DCS and HMI controls.
  • BESS should be strategically located and integrated to provide the maximum reliability benefits of the technology. NEI understands the nuances of this process and can provide engineering support from concept to commissioning.


  • NEI can design a system to maximize the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) with BESS from the power distribution design to the SCADA Power Plant Controller (PPC).
  • NEI can provide a compact and cost-effective BESS design to complement any utility-scale PV project.
  • Market demands for solar projects have continued to escalate sometimes to the point where storage and/or a storage-ready project is essential. NEI can help deliver a design for a system that is well integrated and ready for energization.
  • Different projects require different storage solutions. Whether the storage is AC coupled or DC coupled, our team has experience in both and can deliver the engineering for your project.

Standalone BESS

If you’re interested in capturing value from the ancillary services frequency regulation market, NEI can design a system to meet the requirements of ERCOT’s stringent FFR response time by working with the battery supplier and designing the SCADA system with high speed and reliability.

Additional Services

  • Fast Frequency Response (FFR)
  • Frequency Regulation
  • BESS Inverter Specification and Procurement Support 
  • Round-Trip-Efficiency Analysis
  • Augmentation Design
  • ERCOT Ancillary Services Design and Commissioning Including FFR and FRRS

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