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Electrical Power System Studies & Analysis


System Performance and Reliability Through Studies

An optimized design that balances reliability and cost requires strategically selecting required power system studies. From power flow to time-domain transient analysis, NEI has the capability and ingenuity to tackle puzzling design problems with tailored solutions based on study results. Rather than simply assuming something “will work because it worked on the last job,” NEI evaluates which studies would be beneficial and then utilizes various software packages to determine the optimized design.

Every year, NEI invests not only in state-of-the-art software but also in the necessary training for our team to thoroughly understand the intricacies and best practices of each. The result is unparalleled electrical system modeling and studies that deliver more meaningful, economic solutions.

Our electrical studies engineers are experts ranging from generation interconnection, transmission planning, grid stability, protective relaying, distribution load growth/planning, arc flash, and anything in between. Our teams are knowledgeable and understand not only the software but the larger ecosystem within which it is essential.



Customized Design

Utilities Studies

  • Arc Flash
  • Protection Coordination Studies (relay settings)
  • Harmonics (Post-energization/operational)
  • NERC
    • PRC (PRC-002, PRC-004, PRC-005, PRC-019, PRC-024, PRC-025, PRC-027)  
    • MOD (MOD-025, MOD-026, MOD-027, MOD-032) 
    • Stability Studies (NERC TPL-001-4)
    • FAC (FAC-002, FAC-003, FAC-008) 
    • VAR (VAR-002)
  • Real Time Dynamic Rating for Underground Cables

Development (Generation Interconnection) Studies

  • Interconnection Models
  • System Impact Study (SIS)

Industrial Studies

  • Reactive power (Load Flow and Capacitor Bank Sizing)
  • Short circuit (Breaker Selection, Medium Voltage cable sizing, NGR sizing, BESS DC)
  • Harmonics (Pre-energization/design/desktop, Post-energization/operational, Filter Design)
  • Arc Flash (Substation, Medium Voltage & Low Voltage)
  • Protection Coordination Studies (Relay settings, Fuse Selection)
  • Transient Studies & Time Domain Model (Transient Overvoltage/TOV, Surge Arrester Selection, Insulation Coordination, Transformer Energization, Ferroresonance)
  • Grounding Studies using CDEGS

Renewable Design Studies

  • Reactive Power (Load Flow and Capacitor Bank Sizing)
  • Short Circuit (Breaker Selection, Medium Voltage Cable Sizing, NGR Sizing, BESS DC)
  • Transient Studies & Time Domain Model (Transient Overvoltage/TOV, surge arrester selection, Insulation Coordination, Transformer Energization)
  • Grounding (Substation, WTG, and Solar Power Plant)
  • Ampacity (Underground Cable, Transmission Line, Overhead Bus)
  • Illumination / Lighting
  • Harmonics (Pre-energization/design/desktop, Post-energization/operational, Filter Design)
  • System Losses
  • Interconnection Models (PSCAD, PSSE, PSLF)
  • Lightning Study (Rolling Sphere)
  • Protection Coordination Studies (Relay Settings, Fuse Selection)
  • Arc Flash (Substation, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, WTG, Inverter, DC Combiner box)
  • Sub Synchronous Control Interaction (SSCI)
  • Geomagnetic Induced Current (GIC/GMD)
  • NERC
    • PRC (PRC-002, PRC-004, PRC-005, PRC-019, PRC-024, PRC-025, PRC-027)  
    • MOD (MOD-025, MOD-026, MOD-027, MOD-032) 
    • FAC (FAC-002, FAC-003, FAC-008) 
    • VAR (VAR-002)
  • PV Energy Modeling (PVSyst)
  • PV Shading Analysis


  • Power Factory
  • ETAP
  • Aspen
  • SKM
  • EasyPower
  • Milsoft
  • WinIGS
  • PSS®E
  • PSLF
  • Cyme
  • DranView
  • PVSyst
  • ArcPro

Featured Tech Paper

An Accurate Method of Determining Conductor Short Circuit Withstand Capability

When designing an underground medium voltage (MV) collection system for a wind or solar project, the engineer must consider the ability of the underground cables to withstand the worst-case short circuit event.

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