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Electrical Utilities

Powering Today, Empowering Tomorrow

Electricity, much like the water we drink and the air we breathe, is often overlooked until it is absent. It’s the unseen current that powers our lives, and its importance is only truly felt in its absence—when the lights unexpectedly dim. At NEI, we’re driven by the conviction that our clients deserve the most reliable and up-to-date electric power infrastructure.

In the face of an aging electric grid and the ever-increasing demand for electricity, we stand as a visionary partner. NEI’s team of experts excels in revitalizing existing systems and designing new, more efficient infrastructures. Our forward-thinking designs are crafted not just for the needs of today but to propel our clients into a future where power delivery is both seamless and sustainable.

Our breadth of expertise serves as a beacon for clients navigating the growing needs of their customers. The trust placed in us across electric cooperatives, municipals, and investor-owned utilities is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving challenges of power delivery.

We understand that maintaining a reliable grid is an immense responsibility fraught with complex challenges. From addressing national wear and tear to navigating modern grid demands and operating within precise budgets, our partners rely on NEI for engineering solutions that withstand the test of time and circumstance.

Our Approach

Forward looking

We don’t just understand the enormity of long-term investments in electrical infrastructure; we anticipate and innovate for the decades ahead. NEI’s solutions are a blend of safety, sustainability, and the essential standards of the utility industry.


With a rich legacy of experience, NEI crafts comprehensive solutions that embed the crucial elements of safety, sustainability, and standardization—because we know the utility industry inside out.

Unwavering Reliability

Precision is our promise. NEI is your steadfast ally, ready to rise to the occasion at any hour, ensuring that your services remain uninterrupted so that you can excel in serving your clients.

At NEI, we’re not just engineering the grid of the future; we’re ensuring that the future is electrified with possibility.

Investor-Owned Utilities

Investor-owned utilities are expected to keep the power on while demand constantly grows and to do so as economically as possible. With increased scrutiny from end consumers and stakeholders, the margin for error is virtually nonexistent. At NEI Electric Power Engineering, we’ve partnered with IOUs around the country to help them successfully navigate the ever-evolving utility landscape. NEI Electric Power Engineering’s team of experts becomes an extension of your team. We understand the balance between short-term returns and long-term investments in your IOU. Together, we come up with comprehensive designs and solutions for the challenges you and your investors face.

Choosing NEI means collaborating with seasoned engineers who are not only in tune with the general challenges of the utility sector but also possess a sharp insight into the unique needs of Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs). Our team marries hands-on field expertise with a comprehensive understanding of the broader impact of your operations. This blend of in-depth industry knowledge and a clear vision of the stakes involved powers a driven team, fully equipped to tackle intricate challenges with confidence.

Cooperatives & REAs

Co-ops and REAs have a unique interest in powering their communities. Operators and stakeholders are not only responsible for the power provided, but also a recipient of the power. Poor planning, design, and commissioning can have catastrophic effects on operations. Since the early 1980s, NEI has been the trusted partner for Co-ops and REAs around the nation. Together, we ensure all electric power needs are fulfilled. When we partner with Co-ops and REAs, we consult and work on conceptual design, commissioning, facility refurbishment, and power distribution. NEI’s talented team of multidisciplinary experts understands the myriad challenges Co-ops and REAs face every day. Our vast experience ensures that communities stay powered safely and efficiently well into the future.


As a trusted municipal, powering communities is a serious responsibility. Since its founding in 1982, NEI has partnered with municipals across the country to ensure that their electric power needs are met at all times. NEI collaborates with municipalities from conceptual design, commissioning, facility refurbishment, and power distribution. Our team of multidisciplinary experts understands the unique challenges municipals face daily and has the background and knowledge to keep facilities optimally running for years to come.

Providing your community and stakeholders with the power they need in a safe, reliable, and affordable way is a constantly moving target. Increased pressure on infrastructure and high levels of accountability place municipals at the crossroads of urban sprawl and increasing demands for power. NEI is a reliable partner who provides long-term operations and management solutions while being easy to work with and reliable.

By planning for and anticipating the evolving power needs of communities, municipalities are proactively ensuring an environment where electric power facilities are meeting the ongoing demands, while simultaneously building an infrastructure that can remain operational and economical for decades to come. NEI becomes part of the team to help plan and deliver solutions that include everything from substation design to energy storage, to transmission and distribution.

Featured Tech Paper

Developing Design Wind Speeds for Transmission and Distribution Lines in Belize and Accounting for Climate Change

This report develops an evidence-based strength and loading standard for the country of Belize to use with future power line infrastructure.

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