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Solar Engineering Design


Comprehensive Solar System Design: From Module to Point of Interconnection (POI)

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving solar energy landscape, experienced engineering partners are essential for success. At NEI, our multidisciplinary engineering team is dedicated to delivering top-tier design solutions tailored to the specific needs of solar developers, contractors, and owner/operators.

The proliferation of renewable energy generation and evolving energy standards has introduced scheduling complexities for utility companies and renewable energy developers alike. Achieving seamless grid interconnections requires meticulous planning, risk assessment, and flawless engineering and construction execution.

With extensive experience in the solar industry, we leverage our deep knowledge to actively listen to our clients’ objectives and craft approaches that optimize value. This is how we consistently deliver high-quality, results-driven solutions.

Forward Thinking Innovation

Solar Design Services

At NEI, we provide a comprehensive array of multidisciplinary engineering and design services meticulously tailored to our clients’ unique needs and objectives. Our core services encompass:

Solar Electrical

In a rapidly evolving industry characterized by continuous technological advancements, NEI stands out as a leader in the field of full Balance of Plant (BOP) design. From the conceptual design phase to issuing for construction, NEI consistently delivers exceptional solutions. Our commitment to reliability and flexibility ensures that our designs align seamlessly with the expectations of both clients and owners. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our swift responsiveness to inquiries and requests, offering expert opinions and advice when needed.

Our dedicated team places a strong emphasis on the coordination necessary among various disciplines and scopes to create designs that are both collaborated and optimized. NEI’s depth of knowledge enables us to tailor designs precisely to our clients’ unique preferences, while also providing expert guidance to meet specific project needs and requirements. Our comprehensive suite of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Equipment Selection and Layout Optimization
  • Energy and Performance Modeling
  • DC Collection
  • AC/MV Collection
  • System Studies

Solar Civil

From the initial site planning through the final engineering design and construction, our team members provide customized site solutions and optimized civil designs to meet project and schedule demands. Our multi-disciplinary approach and rang of experience across the U.S. set allow us to undertake complex projects and streamline project delivery.

  • Grading & Drainage Plans
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans
  • Constraints Mapping
  • Steel Vs. Earthwork Optimization
  • Hydrology & Hydraulics Studies
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Federal, State, and Local Permitting Support
  • Pile Plot Plans 
  • SPCC Plans
  • Civil Subconsultant Management
  • Topographic & Boundary Surveys 
  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Environmental Studies

Solar Structural

Our solar structural team balances electrical and civil site requirements to provide optimized foundation designs with steel and concrete savings in mind. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Solar PV Tracker Foundation Design
  • Inverter and PCS Foundation Design 
  • Auxiliary Scope Foundation Design (DC Collection Support, Met Stations, Fence)
A picturesque sunset or sunrise backdrop with stunning hues of orange, pink, and purple. In the foreground, rows of solar panels stand tall, gleaming under the soft sunlight. In the distance, majestic wind turbines generate clean energy against the vibrant sky, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of renewable energy sources and nature's beauty.


  • Plant SCADA Design
  • Power Plant Controller (PPC)
  • Integration, Testing, and Commissioning

In a landscape marked by the rapid expansion of renewable energy generation and evolving energy standards, we excel in connecting substations and power to the grid, ensuring designs that adhere to industry best practices and standards while remaining uniquely customized for each project. Our strength lies in our holistic approach, enabling clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their projects.

Through assessments, conceptual designs, and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, we craft the right solutions that eliminate the need for costly rework in the future. Clients rely on NEI to leverage our multidisciplinary knowledge to deliver integrated solutions that save both time and money.

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