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SCADA System Design: Automation, Controls, & Data Monitoring

Real-Time Data and Communication Networks at your Fingertips

SCADA systems play a crucial part in today’s data-driven world. From owners and operators to utility-sized applications, SCADA systems help any organization not only fill their data-driven needs but also protect them. With reliability and accessibility in mind, NEI works with our clients to provide cost-effective yet dependable SCADA solutions. As clients add multiple assets to their portfolios, developing smart grid applications ensure systems maintain peak operating performance. NEI’s industry expertise provides clients with the industry-leading customer service they desire. NEI’s reach expands across both greenfield and brownfield projects and includes multiple SCADA software including OSI PI, AVEVA Wonderware, and Inductive Automation Ignition.

Reliability and Accessibility

Technology & Software Expertise

Complete Project Management

Substation SCADA

The RTU is an essential component of a substation. NEI’s power systems knowledge and project experience across different ISO/TSO regions give our engineers leverage over our competitors. NEI has experience with the major RTU players including SEL RTAC and Novatech Orion.


Reliable and usable data ensures peak performance of any plant, and Balance of Plant SCADA provides the support needed to keep renewable systems running stably and efficiently. NEI designs and commissions plant systems for solar, wind, and BESS projects. Everything from the HMI to historian reports, to data visualization tools, NEI customizes off-the-shelf software to fit your needs.

Power Plant Control (PPC)

Power Plant Controls are a key aspect of any new solar plant and BESS system. NEI has designed, tested, and commissioned its own controller on multiple platforms and hardware types to meet not only owner needs but local ISO/TSO requirements. Our focused, multidisciplinary approach to PPC solutions gives us an incredibly deep understanding of the best ways to design and develop a PPC. The breadth of our project experience means that we can adapt to any PLC manufacturer and your PPC will be compliant with all the technical capabilities your project requires.

Network and Cyber Security

NEI’s insight and expertise with network and communication comes from vast experience working with diverse clients in a variety of geographical locations. We ensure that your SCADA systems comply with any standard such as NERC/CIP.

Field Support and Project Management

NEI SCADA engineers work with clients to ensure everything is designed as intended and meets their specific requirements. Our engineers are experienced in the field with any troubleshooting or issues that may occur during commissioning. NEI’s start to finish project approach helps clients with project management to make sure the correct components are considered and projects progress towards a successful on-time, on-budget completion.


NEI provides procurement services from off-the-shelf equipment to turnkey solutions. With procurement, installation, and commissioning support, clients can be confident that their designs are reliable, tested, and operable.

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