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SCADA System Design: Automation, Controls, & Data Monitoring

Real-Time Data and Communication Networks at your Fingertips

In today’s data-centric environment, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are indispensable, serving as the backbone for efficient operations and secure data management. Whether you’re an owner, operator, or engaged in utility-sized applications, SCADA systems are vital for navigating data-related demands while ensuring data protection. 

At NEI, we understand the critical importance of SCADA systems in modern business operations. We are committed to providing our clients with cost-effective and reliable SCADA solutions. As your enterprise expands and diversifies, our smart-grid applications ensure sustained peak performance.

NEI distinguishes itself through our industry expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. We are your dependable partner, offering solutions that exceed your expectations. Our proficiency spans new (greenfield) and upgrade (brownfield) projects, and we adapt to various SCADA software, including OSI PI, AVEVA Wonderware, and Inductive Automation Ignition.

Partnering with NEI grants you access to the full capabilities of SCADA systems, effectively addressing your operational requirements while safeguarding your data. Experience the unique advantage of NEI’s SCADA solutions, consistently delivering transformative results.

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SCADA Services

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