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Power Grid Modernization

Smart. Strong. Sustainable.

The Modern Standard

It’s no secret that much of America’s grid is aging and desperately outdated. Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, however, these aging facilities are given new life and are supported in innovative ways that are quickly bringing facilities into the modern era of power. At NEI, we’ve been working with our clients to solve these problems for years, and our experience is prevalent in every job we take on. Our expertise in grid modernization encompasses transmission, generation, and distribution assets and includes microgrid projects, automation and smart-grid experience, and physical and cyber security.

In a world where power is often taken for granted, now is the time to ensure facilities are ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. Not only is the demand for power greater than ever, so too is the reality that an aging infrastructure leaves facilities and their operations vulnerable. When you partner with NEI Electric Power Engineering to modernize your grid operations, you’re gaining a team of professionals who understand the nuances of older facilities and who are armed with best practices to bring the modern grid to your doorstep.





Microgrids fit seamlessly into the existing power grid and also serve as reliable standalone power systems. This versatility, combined with NEI’s industry-leading SCADA and automation and control systems, makes microgrids cost-effective, efficient solutions for a variety of NEI’s clients and their diverse needs. At NEI, our multidisciplinary team of experts has the breadth of field experience and practical knowledge needed to ensure that your next microgrid project integrates properly with the existing grid or outwards toward your community. Our work has taken us around the world and to some of the most complex electrical setups in hospitals and campuses in North America. We are always on-hand and available to ensure that your power is there when you need it most.

Automation & Smart Grid

The modern grid not only keeps power flowing to your users, but it also allows intelligent forecasting of your renewable resources. Data and insights like these allow your utility to function at a higher efficiency than in the past because the amount of information you can collect and analyze is more abundant and readily available than was traditionally possible. These efficiencies can include but are not limited to, improved fault restoration with FLISR, lower losses with IVVO, and advanced distributed resource automation with DERMS.

Physical & Cyber Security

Utilities today are at greater risk of attack from both foreign and domestic agents than in decades past. Protecting your physical and digital assets requires constant vigilance and security monitoring, both on-site and online. As your facility becomes more strongly networked internally and with the modern grid, ensuring security compliance with the latest NERC CIP standards is paramount. For years, NEI has been a partner and resource for utilities across the country looking to upgrade their facilities to receive the benefits of a connected grid while mitigating the digital and physical risks.

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