Superior Power Reliability.

Data centers are the heartbeat of technology. With the proliferation of cloud computing and massive data storage needs across the world, there has never been a greater need for exponentially scalable power distribution solutions. With NEI’s expertise, we work with our data center clients to achieve their reliability and efficiency metrics.

data center electric reliability and maintenance

Online and On-Site

Hosting data and serving it up quickly and efficiently is the new norm. End-consumers and enterprise clients expect their data to be available at a moment’s notice.

As the power loads on data centers continue to increase, NEI’s history as a leader in electric power engineering makes us the ideal partner to work with your team to design, maintain, and operate your facility in a way that is not only safe and reliable but also fulfils important requirements for Power Usage Efficiency (PUE).

We understand that our partners’ needs are ever-changing. When we work with our data center partners, we work to address their concerns today while designing a reliable system that will serve them well for years to come.

Our team of field-tested electrical and civil engineers has been trusted by some of the largest data centers around the world for operations training, auditing, detailed design, commissioning, and construction supervision services.

Power Distribution

Power Distribution

When designing your data center, ensuring that you’re getting the power you need can be daunting. At NEI, we’ve helped data centers with their power distribution needs, including:

  • Utility interconnection
  • Substation design
  • MV distribution (both overhead and underground)

Always designing with long-term maintenance in mind, the team at NEI has been trusted by some of the largest data centers in the world to provide elegant solutions to incredibly complex problems.

Electrical Reliability & Maintenance

Electrical Reliability & Maintenance

At NEI, we don’t believe a data center project is done unless a comprehensive electrical reliability and maintenance program is in place and understood. Our maintenance programs include:

  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Reliability-centered maintenance
  • Time-based maintenance

We also provide on-site audits of installations, commissioning, and maintenance records for MV and HV data centers. Our unique insight can help identify improper installations and recommendations on ways in which a thorough maintenance program can reduce cost and increase efficiencies in your data center.

NEI’s team of field-tested engineers understand the complexities and expectations our data center partners face every day. With expertise in high and medium voltage substations, power distribution, and equipment, trust our team to keep your data center operations running smoothly and reliably. From utility to the server rack, NEI is your single solution.