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Andrew Merritt, Chief Engineer of Civil & Structural, joined NEI in 2007. Andrew received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from North Dakota State University in 2006. During his time at NDSU, he studied foundation design, highway design, water supply, and his main focus – structural engineering.

In 2010, Andrew received his Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) from the University of Colorado Denver. During his time at UCD, he took courses in advanced steel design, advanced concrete design, concrete materials, and many classes in advanced structural analysis. His thesis topic was the beneficial use of ultra-fine fly ash and silica fume for concrete strength, durability, and restrained shrinkage.

In his time at NEI, Andrew has worked on the civil design of many substations. He has experience in site grading, foundation design (both drill pier and spread footings), steel design/detailing, and general arrangement layout.

Andrew has also worked on a variety of transmission/distribution line projects. He has designed electrical lines using steel, wood, and fiberglass. This experience includes line staking, pole/tower design, foundation design, and cost estimation.