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As NEI’s President & CEO, Clifton is responsible for leading the organization in delivering seamless and high-quality power engineering solutions to clients across multiple industries. Early in his NEI career, Clifton was responsible for the engineering design and on-site commissioning of numerous utility substations, renewable generation stations, and industrial facilities.

Today, Clifton leverages this past hands-on experience to lead technical and business operational teams toward driving strategic initiatives through creating a values-based and service-oriented culture. In addition to his leadership duties, Clifton still also actively consults with clients on unique and challenging projects, providing long-term strategic direction and insight.

He is actively involved in, and gives back to, the power industry through volunteering and involvement in IEEE, RMEL, and other organizations.

Clifton is a voracious reader and purveyor of podcasts. He loves collecting words of wisdom from this content as well as his mentors. Two of the top candidates for the best advice he has received include, “Easy choices…hard life; hard choices…easy life;” and “Discipline creates opportunity.”