Campuses, Universities, & Hospitals

Your Campus Solutions.

NEI’s breadth of expertise has been trusted by some of the nation’s largest hospitals, universities, and corporations to bring supplemental power to their campuses for years. Having a reliable source of power is essential and even life-saving. Your physicians, nurses, and professional medical staff can’t afford a minute of downtime and neither can their patients. Your research facilities, labs, students, and faculty require a reliable power source in the event the main power goes out. For our corporate partners, we understand that any downtime on your campuses results in loss of productivity, which leads to a direct hit in your bottom line.

At NEI Electric Power Engineering, we understand the unique challenges each of these partners face, and we are well equipped and experienced to work with you and your team on the power solutions for your campuses and facilities.

Power for the Future

With so much at stake, you need a backup power plan. When you partner with us for your campus’ power needs, we walk you through the intricacies and value of redundancy plans, as well as designing, planning, and commissioning of your power distribution network. Once we get your power solution up and running, we work with you to establish a training and ongoing maintenance program to keep the power running smoothly for years to come.

We work with our hospital, university, and corporate clients through project planning, design, and maintenance solutions to provide reliable and safe electrical power infrastructure.

Keeping the lights on is at the heart of what we do at NEI. Our field-tested team of multidisciplinary experts are knowledgeable, courteous, and always available to our clients. Whether you’re looking to supplement power or create a completely independent power source for your campus, NEI works with you to create a tailored, ideal solution for your needs.