Heavy Industrial

Smart Power Solutions.

At NEI, our heavy industrial partners face complex and unique challenges every day. For decades, we’ve worked alongside our counterparts in water and wastewater treatment, mining, and manufacturing in order to bring their facilities reliable power to ensure all of their critical functions are uninterrupted. Whether your facility requires large, non-linear loads like adjustable speed drives or arc furnaces, electrical design, testing, and commissioning services for new plants and retrofit projects, or MSHA-certified electrical and civil engineers to ensure economical and compliant projects, NEI always rises to the occasion.

Field-Tested for Heavy Industrial Needs

Heavy industrial facilities are some of the largest consumers of energy in the world and for good reason. Providing clean drinking water, extracting precious minerals for commercial use, and operating manufacturing plants all require heavy and consistent power resources. NEI’s team of multidisciplinary experts have successfully completed countless projects for our heavy industrial partners, including conceptual and complete design, retrofit work, preventative maintenance programs, on-site backup generation, and high-voltage utility interconnection substation projects.

As industry regulations get tighter and energy costs increase, heavy industrial organizations need comprehensive solutions that take factors like safety, economic conditions, unique power needs, and industry best practices into consideration. At NEI Electric Power Engineering, our broad range of services and industry expertise informs every project we work on. The result is a thoughtful, effective, and lasting solution for our heavy industrial clients.