Heavy Industrial Power Distribution

Powering Heavy Industrial.

Bringing steady, reliable power to your industrial facility requires intelligently designed plans and thorough execution. It also requires a strong multidisciplinary effort from field-tested engineers and project managers. The engineers at NEI Electrical Engineering have been working on power distribution solutions for our heavy industrial partners for decades.

When you work with NEI, our electrical and civil/structural engineers provide complete power system design from your high- or medium-voltage utility interconnection, down through medium- and low-voltage equipment.

Balanced Power Where You Need It

Every facility poses its own unique challenges. In terms of power distribution, ensuring that your more power-heavy operations get the support they require without sapping resources from other important facility operations is critical to the longevity and ongoing success of your facility. With decades of experience designing and building industrial power systems, NEI understands the nuances, theory, and practical application required to make sure your facility is getting the energy it needs.

When you partner with NEI Electric Power Engineering, we work with you to create a comprehensive facility design and corresponding maintenance planning. This approach means your facility is designed to your requirements while providing a clearly defined roadmap of how to get the most out it for years to come.

With decades of field experience in utility interconnection, substation design, and MV distribution (both overhead and underground), trust the expert team at NEI for your power distribution needs. In an increasingly complex and regulated environment, we combine our past experience with industry best-practices to provide intelligent power distribution solutions to our heavy industrial clients.