Physical and Cyber Security

Protecting the Grid.

Utilities today are at greater risk of attack from both foreign and domestic agents than in decades past. Protecting your physical and digital assets requires constant vigilance and security monitoring, both on-site and online. As your facility becomes more strongly networked internally and with the modern grid, ensuring security is paramount. For years, NEI has been a partner and resource for utilities across the country looking to upgrade their facilities to receive the benefits of a connected grid while mitigating the digital and physical risks.

Modern Measures

Threats to the grid are real, and ensuring the physical and cyber security of your facility and the customers you serve is critical. As the grid becomes more modernized and digitally connected, utilities are able to operate at higher efficiencies and with more relevant data than ever before. With these improvements, though, risks of cyber attacks grow. At NEI, we understand these threats and take them seriously. Unprotected facilities are susceptible to attacks that are capable of crippling the infrastructure. With so much relying on a secure and always-on grid, trust the experts at NEI Electric Power Engineering with your utility’s physical and cyber security.

Smart Grids, microgrids, AMI metering, and automation all require networked equipment. These networks help utilities operate efficiently, and when they’re designed with security in mind, you can rest easier knowing that steps have been taken to mitigate risk and exposure to your facility and the grid at large. Our team of field-tested engineers are experts in NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), and they work side-by-side with your team to implement protective measures that meet and exceed these guidelines.

Proactively managing physical and cyber security risks takes diligence and an intimate knowledge of regulations and industry best-practices. Ensuring your facility is operating at peak efficiency while also securing your physical and cyber assets is a great responsibility. Trust NEI’s multidisciplinary team to provide you with insightful and effective security measures for your facility and digital resources so that you can continue to provide power to your users.

Physical and Cyber Security Related Services Include