Downstream Infrastructure and Maintenance Solutions.

Keeping your facility processes efficient and operational is vital to your operation. Just as important is ensuring that you have a robust electrical power infrastructure and simple, yet sophisticated SCADA & Controls integration with your facility. Our team understands the importance power distribution and automation & control plays in operating a top-notch facility. Our electrical infrastructure designs plan for SCADA, automation, and control from the very beginning. The result is a facility that gives you the critical information you need to make timely decisions that affect everything from safety and reliability to economic efficiencies.

Your Partners in Downstream

In order to provide your clients with what they need, when they need it, it’s essential that your downstream facility has the power it needs at all times. Loss of power is unacceptable. That’s why NEI Electric Power Engineering is your partner in downstream infrastructure, automation, and long-term maintenance.

We’ve been supporting our Oil and Gas partners for years as they design, commission, and maintain their facilities. Our expertise in substations, MV power distribution, and design is trusted by some of the largest names in the industry. These partners rely on the multidisciplinary team at NEI to design solutions that work for the long-term and provide them with maintainable facilities for years to come.

Trust NEI Electric Power Engineering for your downstream needs, including:

Around the world, our clients rely on the experts at NEI for all of their downstream electrical power and maintenance needs. Years of field experience inform every design and maintenance program we develop. We work closely with your team to address your unique requirements while delivering decades of consultative experience.