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Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems in Rural Electrical Power Systems: Issues, Challenges and Application Guidelines

Today renewable energy, global energy sustainability and climate change is a very common topic of discussions in the media, politics, society-at-large and academic institutions. Going Green through the use of renewable energy resources and make the planet sustainable and by so doing improve the air quality and environment is a common thread to the new paradigm shift in the thinking process, how electricity will be delivered in the twenty first century. Even in the monthly residential bill, the utility companies are starting to identify their portfolio of power generation and offer the ability to pay for newer renewable energy resources. To many this may seem as progress in making our power systems more efficient, flexible, secure and environmentally friendly. To this end the United States government through legislation has required that by the year 2030 that 20% of the electrical energy generated in the U. S. will be by renewable resources. The specifics and practicality of how to accomplish this, however, have not been determined and perhaps thought through.

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