Field Engineering and Site Management

field engineering site management
field engineering site management

Initiating an engineering project is a multi-step process that flows from procurement to construction, commissioning, and ultimately energization. Unlike other engineering firms, NEI’s field-tested team is also cross-trained in design. This means we offer a fully integrated engineering-to-energization product and project management.

Our multidisciplinary experts have the knowledge and experience to offer you long-term solutions and support throughout the entire life of your engineering project. Our experience both in the field and with detailed design makes our team incredibly effective on-site. Our intimate understanding of why things are designed the way they are—and recognizing poor design—means less back and forth and more time devoted to quickly solving your challenges.

Partnering with NEI for your Field Engineering and Site Management needs eliminates miscommunication and site misunderstandings that often result when a third-party testing company leads commissioning. Through comprehensive experience, our engineers deliver constructible and useable solutions to exceed your project objectives.

NEI offers a wide range of services to support your project needs including civil and electrical engineering support, project management, testing and commissioning, and more.