GIS Surveying and Mapping

GIS Surveying and Mapping
GIS Surveying and Mapping

Before you break ground on your next project, let the experts at NEI help you with your GIS Surveying and Mapping requirements. Our multidisciplinary team has the in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to mapping electrical infrastructure. Understanding the geographic information of a potential job site—and gathering critical information before a large-scale refurbishment—is crucial to any project’s success.

Our team works in the field with you to provide GIS Surveying and Mapping solutions to your electrical infrastructure projects.

By utilizing NEI’s expertise and our GIS abilities, you’re able to synthesize complex data sets into actionable resources that can deliver more comprehensive project plans that:

seamlessly integrates overlay data and spatial analysis to a central database
Draws a clearer picture of your overall project

With NEI Electric Power Engineering’s GIS Surveying and Mapping resources, your team gains invaluable insight from a single data source, which brings together data points from engineers, surveyors, project managers, and analysts.

Discover the difference with GIS Surveying and Mapping. NEI can support your next project in a number of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Consolidate data from multiple formats (GIS, SCADA, CRM, and various system analysis tools such as Windmil, WTAP, Synergi, EasyPower) into a single point of system information
  • Develop maps for more efficient project planning, outage management, and maintenance
  • Provide asset locations and attributes with submeter accuracy
  • Create printable, accurate maps that can be accessed through tablets or laptops on site to enhance productivity
  • Transform various data types (paper, CAD, kmz) into a single, comprehensive GIS map
  • Optimal cable routing through sensitive areas (environmental, cultural, political) using route analysis
  • Acquire, process, and integrate field data into layers for base map
  • Annotation feature class and symbology development
  • Siting and Routing Studies