Protective Relaying


Balancing safety, reliability, and security are imperative to all stakeholders in the power industry. With increasingly higher safety standards, ensuring your plant has protective relays and equipment properly installed and functioning is critical for both the safety of your team and your bottom line.

NEI’s team of relay experts understand the nuances and dependencies behind the art and science of protective relaying. Our project experience spans across all electrical assets from generators to transmission lines, and include all manufacturers. When you partner with NEI for your protective relaying needs, rest assured our engineers fully understand the theory behind each protective element and have intimate knowledge of programming and SCADA integration.

Given our experience in both protective relaying and comprehensive SCADA solutions, the result is a more functional and fully-integrated end-product that saves you valuable time and money.

From our founding, when only electromechanical relays were used, to today when most new relays are either solid-state or microprocessor based, NEI has hands-on experience programming and commissioning relays from every manufacturer.