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Renewable Substations

Empowering Renewable Energy Infrastructure


Renewables represent the future of our energy infrastructure. However, for every megawatt of energy generated by wind or solar, there must be a means to transport it back to the grid. While generation forms the heart of renewable power, substations serve as the spine, supporting the transmission of this energy.
With NEI’s extensive history in substation design, we comprehend the intricacies involved. Our experience spans both high voltage and generation aspects, enabling us to navigate the unique requirements of the renewable industry. Challenges such as tight schedules, specific owner needs, limited vendor information, or stringent interconnection requirements are met with creative solutions by NEI. Despite these obstacles, our goal remains consistent: to deliver reliable designs while prioritizing flexibility and constructibility.

Our expertise covers a range of interconnections from 69kV to 500kV, generation capacities from 20MW to 800MW, and encompasses designs for single transformer to complex multi-transformer, multi-bus collection substations. Challenges like current limiting reactors, limited yard space, or poor soil conditions are well within our capabilities.

Thanks to our extensive industry experience, NEI offers services including fast procurement support and equipment specifications, alongside expertise in fit-for-fabrication steel and tapered tube steel design.




Featured Tech Paper

Substation Bus Design: Current Methods Compared with Field Results

Current standards define accepted methods of substation bus design. These standards also require certain strength and deflection criteria. This paper will examine commonly proscribed rigid bus design methodologies and compare them with actual field experience in the design of a 500kV switching station.

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