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Utility Substations

Building Enduring Partnerships for Utility Excellence

Elevating Utility Substations with Tailored Solutions and Strategic Partnerships

At NEI, we don’t just design substations; we forge partnerships with our clients, recognizing that quality, safety, and consistent team engagement are fundamental to every project. Our commitment to revolutionizing the electric utility industry is ingrained in our work. By prioritizing close relationships, we develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, enabling us to deliver customized solutions that enhance reliability, efficiency, and safety. Our dedicated client teams become experts in our clients’ portfolios, ensuring a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.

We acknowledge the diverse needs of utilities and tailor our approach accordingly. For small utilities, our streamlined multidisciplinary teams focus on building connections and delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. For larger utilities, we emphasize adherence to standards, robust methodologies, and the capacity to handle demands, ensuring quality and innovation.

Across all services – from substation design to transmission line design, cybersecurity, NERC compliance studies, and facility maintenance testing – we offer a single point of contact. This guarantees responsiveness and communication, keeping our clients informed and engaged at every stage. In our quest to create a reliable, secure, and sustainable energy grid, your challenges become our mission. Let NEI be your partner in constructing an innovative energy future.




Featured Tech Paper

Substation Bus Design: Current Methods Compared with Field Results

Current standards define accepted methods of substation bus design. These standards also require certain strength and deflection criteria. This paper will examine commonly proscribed rigid bus design methodologies and compare them with actual field experience in the design of a 500kV switching station.

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