Mark Lanphier, MSEE, PE


COO & Vice President of Power Systems

Mark Lanphier has been with NEI since 1999. Mark received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Electrical Option) at the Colorado School of Mines in 1992. Additionally, Mark received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Machines and Power Systems) at the University of Colorado at Denver in 2003.

Mark has extensive experience in generating and managing the design of power and control system design for transmission, substation, power plants (wind, solar, natural gas, coal-fired, and hydro-electric), and industrial facilities. His experience includes numerous power system studies, electrical protection studies, outage investigations, harmonic studies, feasibility studies, developing protective relay settings, and field commissioning and testing relays.

At NEI, Mark has been involved in numerous transmission and distribution substation projects, generating plants, industrial process plants, wastewater treatment plants, and large commercial projects including management, design, testing, commissioning, troubleshooting, protection coordination, and studies.